Jubilate Children’s Choir

St John’s Church
Children’s and Youth Choir Schedules
Spring, 2022


We will sing on the following Sundays at 10.30am:

Sunday, 20 February

Sunday, 13 March

Sunday, 17 April

Sunday, 1 May



Purposes of Children’s Choir at St John’s:  

  • To teach the fundamentals of music, including basic note reading and note values.
  • To teach the fundamentals of proper singing—not shouting nor whispering, also proper pronunciation.
  • To teach basic music history, including recognizing genres and styles, and learning a bit about famous composers.
  • To teach and model participation in the liturgy. As a choir, we sit, stand, pray, recite, and sing together as leaders in corporate worship. Children’s choir intentionally provides an opportunity for children and adults to sing together.
  • To experience the great hymnody of the Church—learning the tunes, memorizing stanzas, and talking about the biblical basis for hymns. We also spend much time talking about the liturgical year—its basis in scripture, the colors, themes, etc.


Parental support:

  • Bring children to rehearsal on a consistent basis. Choir/Church must be seen as a commitment, just like any sportsball activity.
  • Discussion of some concepts at home. Asking questions about things we’ve talked about. For example, asking about the church decorations/sounds for each liturgical season. Get them talking about what they are learning about. Weekly emails will communicate generally what we are learning.
  • Parental volunteers to be present in the room for each rehearsal. We need someone who can address minor emergencies, particularly in the younger group. Claire Black is our assistant and accompanist, but neither she nor I can tend to every individual matter/crisis during teaching time!

Thank you for your willingness to allow your child(ren) to participate in choir! Feel free always to let me know if you have any questions: bkolodziej@stjohnsepiscopal.org.

Benjamin Kolodziej, MSM, MTS
Organist and Choirmaster